Dining room makeover

January 26, 2011

Dining rooms often fall into two categories, the formal, only for holiday meals and entertaining guests, or the informal, daily use, by the immediate family. Depending on your lifestyle, and whether you have the option of only using your dining room on “special occasions”, you may decide to make the most use of the space and turn it into a dining room that will be welcoming and accommodating for your household.

Typical dining room furniture
Prior to deciding on what you need to replace, refinish or purchase for your dining room, let us list the usual pieces that are found in a dining room: a large table, either rectangular, square or oval; dining room chairs, a hutch to hold placemats, table cloths and to place food and serving dishes, and an optional area rug.

Selecting wooden furniture
Knowing your needs is essential to determining what type of furniture is necessary for the dining room. A family of six likely wants to have a table and enough wood chairs to have room for a minimum of ten people. What is your preference: will you head to the pine furniture manufacturers or the unfinished furniture manufacturers? Are you traditional, serve the individual plates in the kitchen, or do have meals buffet style where everyone can serve themselves, and go back for seconds? A table that is big enough to hold the food dishes, or a hutch where the casseroles can be placed, may or may not be a necessity for you. Making a list of your needs will allow you to play with various layouts and then to select the perfect wooden furniture and accessories for your lifestyle and space.

Decorating Tips

  • Be certain to note doorways, windows and chair rails that may influence the furniture placement and the flow of circulation in the room.
  • If you are looking to give the room a cosier feel by placing an area rug under the dining room table, make sure to correctly measure for the appropriate size. When the chairs are pulled back from the table and your guests are seated, all dining chair parts (e.g.: all four chair legs) should always remain on the rug.
  • Making your dining room more or less formal is up to you. If you are planning to use it on a daily basis, make it comfortable and inviting for all family members. Light colours such as beiges and whites give the room a stuffy and less inviting feel. Darker shades can add a dramatic feel, yet make people feel more relaxed by not having the impression that a tiny piece of lettuce hitting the floor will ruin your entire décor.


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