Designing wood chair parts using CAD

December 21, 2010

As you are sitting at the restaurant, you suddenly have an inspiration: a new dining room chair which combines the traditional look of the mission chair with wood swivel chair parts. As you frantically try to sketch out your idea on a paper napkin you wish that you had taken Mrs. Smith’s art class a bit more seriously back in the day. 

Today, fortunately, avant-garde wood furniture manufacturers use computer software that enables furniture designers to visualize, sketch out, modify and view all that perfect chair in 2D or 3D.

What is CAD?

CAD, computer aided design software, or CADD, computer aided design and drafting software, are computer programs which enable designers to produce virtual 3D models of items to be built. Whether it is dining chair parts or folding chair parts, CAD allows designers to quickly and clearly achieve their designs.

Advantages for wood component manufacturers to use CAD software:

  • Time and money: Designers are able to produce 3D models faster and then present the design to prospective clients, thereby reducing the risk of cost overruns.
  • Productivity: CAD software helps designer visualize the final product. The software breaks down the wood furniture components, allowing the designer to immediately make any required modifications. CAD software helps the designer to produce, analyze and document the design, factors which contribute to better productivity, shorter project cycles and lower design costs.
  • Visualize: The ability for the client to clearly visualize the design is certainly a huge advantage to using CAD software over traditional drafting methods. Improved documentation, fewer errors and superior legibility increase customer satisfaction and reduce overall project time.
  • Quality: Better designs, improved drawings and fewer mistakes result in less waste to the wood chair manufacturers.
  • Digital: Another huge advantage in using CAD software is the utilization of the digital models instead of paper drafts. CAD measures automatically; lines, shapes and items are created by clicking a mouse instead of using slide rulers and calculators. The final mock-up can then be examined in 3D, stored on a server and viewed by anyone who uses the software. Previously completed projects can be shared, edited and modified by other designers in the future.

Since 1963, Newport Furniture Parts has been designing and producingwood furniture components for the furniture industry. Today, using the latest in technology, we continue to manufacture wood furniture components exactly to our customer’s specifications. CAD software helps us turn your vision into a reality; by using a simple sketch we can develop a 3D image and get your approval prior to even laying our hands on a piece of wood. Visit Newport Furniture, one of the few USA furniture manufacturers.




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