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We provide a complete offering of services to our customers – tailored to meet the needs of each project to ensure success.

We ensure the best possible experience for our customers.  Dependent on each individual project, our customers can select some or all of the elements of our services.

We ensure the best possible experience for our customers.  Dependent on each individual project, our customers can select some or all of the elements of our services.

Why Built by Newport?

Since 1963, Built by Newport has grown and evolved to meet the needs of ever changing market demands.  Working with all hardwood species, we specialize in dining chairs, accent tables, lounge seating, and lighting.  Our years of experience and passion for continuous improvement allow us to provide an array of turn key services.  Whether you are in the beginning stages of bringing your concept to life or you are in need of a specific service in the manufacturing process, we can help you.




Some of our capabilities include an important design for manufacturing element that allows you to view 3-D renderings of your concepts before physical samples are even begun, equating to major savings in your development costs. For our commercial customers, we have the software and internal testing capabilities to ensure your product will meet the rigorous BIFMA standards in the industry.  These important steps again add up to significant savings as well as decrease the time spent in the developmental stage.  In response to the design demand for mixed materials, we collaborate with resources for both upholstery as well as metal and steel accents, creating the most convenient of experiences as possible for our customers.  Perhaps one of the most important aspects in creating beautiful furniture is in the finishing, and we are pleased to offer a multitude of options.  And finally, leaving no detail behind, we round out our services with appropriate testing and guidance to ensure the best packaging options so your products reach their destination damage free.


Design for Manufacturing and Durability


One of our first steps in the new product development process involves an important analysis of your design concept and how it translates to manufacturing. The goal is to ensure that the products we make are made to fit our manufacturing capabilities, allowing us then to provide our customers the best pricing and products that are built to last. Though some customers do not require their product to meet BIFMA standards, our process ensures that your products have the durability to last for years upon years. Ultimately, this period of analysis and review is a step that is both a creative and collaborative effort with our clients, striving to capture your design elements while ensuring efficiency and durability for the best possible price.

BIFMA testing

For our commercial customers who require BIFMA approved products, we are aligned with independent BIFMA testing centers and can arrange for the appropriate testing of your products. Better yet, in order to expedite the design process, we utilize software and equipment that give us the ability to test products internally. This decreases the quantity of samples required to pass testing specifications and therefore means a much faster product launch time. Most importantly, this capability allows us to achieve a 95% success rate at the testing center. The bottom line is huge savings for our customers.


Popular among many of our customers today is the combination of upholstery and wood. In order to provide the most complete service possible, we have partnered with upholstery resources who are experts in their field. For our commercial customers, we can fulfill your needs to meet CA 117 and 133 requirements. We have access to a vast selection of fabrics and leathers, guaranteed to exceed your design needs.

Metal/Steel Accents

As the furniture market trends evolve, enthusiasm for mixed material has risen. Often we see designers who would like to blend wood and metal to offer a variation that adds interest to their designs. In some applications, metal is supplemented to provide additional support and strength. Our resources offer many types of metals as well as powder coated finishes, providing an impressive array of possibilities.


If your products need finishing, we have a multitude of finish types to meet any design need. Whether you desire stain, oil, or any of our durable, commercial finishes, we can help. If you have your own color in mind – we are more than pleased to offer color matching.


Navigating the challenge of getting products to the consumer damage free is as important as any other aspect of planning for your product. BBN can provide ISTA testing to ensure that your packaging will meet the required standards so your product can arrive safely in the consumer’s home. We have a partner that designs ISTA approved packaging for our products, whether for UPS or LTL standards. This is simply one more important detail that we are glad to provide to ensure the best overall experience for our customers.

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