Wood Furniture Parts – The Greener Choice

May 21, 2013
Wood Furniture Parts – The Greener Choice


The importance of being green
With the increasing importance of making earth friendly choices, choosing green products is becoming more and more common. And as the impact of using materials like plastic becomes more and more damaging, having the ability to choose alternative products is critical. The furniture manufacturing industry has not always been one of the most environmentally-friendly industries. Making furniture from plastics and using toxic chemicals in the process are part of the problem.
Nobody intentionally wants to damage the planet, but often we are not aware of the choices we have. Using natural materials is a great way to start. As a USA wood furniture manufacturer, Newport Furniture Parts is well aware of the need to be green, and we’re happy that we can offer earth friendly solutions to your furniture manufacturing needs!
Sustainable sources
Our products are made from sustainably sourced woods like maple, oak, walnut and cherry; as well as other woods as per our client’s requests or specific needs. Using wood in the furniture manufacturing process is much more sustainable and eco-friendly than manufacturing furniture parts out of materials such as plastic. Plastics never really biodegrade like natural materials and breakdown from sunlight, leaving toxic components behind that damage anything that comes in contact with it.
Furniture parts made from plastics not only are damaging, they lack the beauty and charm that you can only find with wood.
Green furniture part design
A big trend in Europe is minimalism. You are most likely familiar with the “Swedish” type of decor and design. This kind of design can lessen the impact on the planet by designing furniture to be smaller and to be multi-purpose. Using wood, stone, and natural fabrics are all part of this approach.
Furniture manufacturing advances
Over the past several years, councils like the Sustainable Furnishing Council and the Forest Stewardship Council have been created to help establish a more green furniture manufacturing process. The Sustainable Furnishing Council works to make sure that the making of furniture is sustainable and earth-friendly. The Forest Stewardship Council works to ensure that the impact from supplies and materials used to create furniture is as the least possible. They also address factors that are involved in manufacturing such as:
  • Conservation & extinction
  • Global warming
  • Air quality
  • Pollutants & landfills
  • Social equity
  • Local economies


Furniture finishing
Many states have implemented strict laws around emissions in the furniture manufacturing industry. Things like formaldehyde, PVC emissions, and other toxic chemicals are all subject to strict laws. Furniture finishes need to contain reduced amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and other chemicals to be considered green.

All that being said, Newport Furniture Parts is committed to producing quality wood furniture parts without damaging the earth. We strive to care for our employees, our customers, and our planet.



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