Wood furniture manufacturing is setting down new roots on U.S. soil

May 11, 2012
Wood furniture manufacturing is setting down new roots on U.S. soil

It wasn’t supposed to be like this!

Usually, that’s a phrase that’s associated with an event that has a negative outcome, like the death of wood-furniture manufacturing in North America—crushed beneath the weight of cheaper imports from Asia.

Except, this isn’t what happened.

While a decade plus of severe constriction in the wood-furniture industry did undoubtedly occur, it seems that this did no more than get rid of—excuse the expression—the deadwood.

Today, wood-furniture manufacturing is alive and well in North America, and the industry is growing, too. Meanwhile, In countries such as China and Indonesia, the once considerable cost advantage continues to shrink and the pressure on illegal deforestation grows. Suddenly, the future looks increasingly brighter here at home.

Brighter and better.

According to an article written by Woodworking Network’s Bill Esler, and that appeared on The Boston Consulting Group’s website, furniture production is among seven sectors that may help the creation of millions of jobs as manufacturing returns to North America. You can read the full article here.

With an irresistible combination of technology, training and craftsmanship, North American furniture manufacturers such as Newport Furniture Parts are creating competitively priced and superior wood-furniture components and finished pieces for leading American retailers and manufacturers.

How superior? Check out these images of the Dunn cocktail table, produced exclusively for Room&Board, an American designer and retailer of classic contemporary home furnishings.

Made in America for the way Americans live today.

Newport Furniture Parts has been one of this country’s leading contract furniture suppliers for over 50 years. If your company would like to benefit from the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that Newport Furniture has come to be known for, contact them today.

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