Wood furniture manufacturers using CNC woodworking and CAD software

May 18, 2011
Wood furniture manufacturers using CNC woodworking and CAD software

In today’s high paced world of business, time and quality are of the essence. For USA furniture manufacturers, efficiency, precision, waste reduction and time are vital when producing high quality furniture chair parts. In order to help them achieve these goals, hardwood furniture manufacturers rely not only on skilled craftsmen, but on high tech machines such as CNC router machines and CAD software (link to NPFurniture_Article8_CAD Software).

CNC wood router working with CAD software
A CNC wood router, also known as a CNC wood milling machine, CNC wood router, CNC wood lathe, CNC router machine, CNC wood cutter, wood CNC machine or CNC woodworking machine, is a computer numerical control tool that uses computer software to drive a mechanical system.

For example, a chair and all its ensuing wood chair parts are designed using CAD software, computer aided design software. This computer program allows wooden furniture designers to create virtual 3D models of the furniture that is to be manufactured. Whether it is dining chair parts or recliner chair parts, CAD allows designers to quickly and clearly realize their vision.

Once the designer is satisfied with the 3D model on the computer, the wood cnc machine acts very much like a printer. The CAD software sends instructions to the CNC router machine that will produce a “hard copy” of the 3D model using a cutting tool instead of an ink jet. The CNC cutting machine cuts the wood piece to the exact size as per the 3D model following the CAD software’s specifications.

By inputting your wood chair parts specifications into a computer, the hardwood furniture manufacturers are able to create precise and accurate furniture parts in a short period. The CAD software controls the CNC wood router and determines the cuts to be made.

Wood CNC machine versus metal CNC mill
These two CNC machines are similar, yet different in the following aspects:

  • A wood CNC machine usually spins at a higher rate that ranges from 13,000 to 24,000 RPM (rotations per minutes)
  • A CNC wood router uses CAD software; several CAD software specifically designed for use with wood milling machines are available.
  • CNC wood cutters are also often used to cut other materials besides wood including plastics and vinyl.
  • Three-axis CNC wood milling machines are usually much larger than metal milling machines.
  • Advantages of CNC wood milling furniture chair parts versus manual wood preparation
  • When producing matching, repetitive furniture chair parts, CNC wood milling machines generate constant and high quality parts, therefore increasing factory productivity.
  • The automation of identical parts lessens waste and the rate of occurrence of errors, while dropping the time to produce the furniture chair parts.
  • A CNC wood router is capable of replicating the tasks of multiple wood shop machines (e.g.: the spindle moulders, the boring machine and the panel saw), therefore accomplishing multiple functions using one machine.
  • A CNC wood cutter completes the wood furniture manufacturers’ process by accomplishing a multitude of tasks and producing a wide range of furniture chair parts from chair backs, to spindles, to chair legs for dining chairs parts, recliner chair parts and glider chair parts.

By using the latest technology such as CNC router machines and CAD software, the top USA furniture manufacturers ensure that all chair parts meet the exact specifications of the designer, that waste is reduced and productivity is increased. Newport Furniture Chair Parts is a family owned business that has been manufacturing high quality furniture chair parts since 1963. Using the latest technology, we are able to ensure that our furniture chair parts produce lasting, enduring and beautiful furniture. Throughout the years, Newport Furniture Parts has established itself as a leader in the wood component industry and as one of Vermont's finest hardwood furniture manufacturers.




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