Wood furniture component prices may soon be on the move

March 15, 2012
Wood furniture component prices may soon be on the move

When we think of trade with China, we usually focus on what is coming in from the Asian manufacturing powerhouse—doesn’t everything seem to carry a “Made in China” sticker these days?

But North America is also a major exporter to China, especially when it comes to natural resources such as minerals, oil and, of course, wood. The United States and Canada are world leaders in wood-framing technology, something that’s becoming more and more popular in China as the country continues to develop at pace.

This year, as the World continues to move away from recession, North American wood exports to China are expected to grow even further, but there are mitigating factors that may yet stymie growth including:

  • dramatic increases in demand that may push up prices
  • the skyrocketing price of oil that will inevitably increase freight costs

And finally, Canada’s attempt to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—a free trade agreement between countries in the Asia-Pacific region may reignite the Canada/U.S. lumber dispute, resulting in further increases in price.

With all of this happening right now, there is bound to be a trickle down effect to all forms of wood manufacturing across North America. To offset potential price increases, it makes sense to place your wood furniture component orders for the balance of 2012 as early as you can.

Newport Furniture Parts use only superior quality raw materials in its manufacturing process. All lumber and components are stored in a humidity controlled environment.

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