Wood furniture component manufacturing’s total solution

November 10, 2012
Wood furniture component manufacturing’s total solution

Recession, outsourcing, downsizing, fuel increases, transport costs on the rise. Being a purchase manager today in the wood furniture manufacturing industry should come with a government health warning...or at least a medal for those brave enough to step into the field.


The recession has resulted in the need to pay attention to every penny, let alone every nickel and dime: Outsourcing has led to confusion and missing links in the communication chain, complicating the purchase manager’s role. Downsizing has further exasperated this situation and, for some purchase managers, resulted in job losses in the purchasing department itself. Rising costs for fuel and transport have caused mayhem in the logistical side of purchase management, leading to delayed and even canceled deliveries.

All in all, purchase managers are feeling the heat from just about every link in the supply chain. What’s the answer?

The best solution for purchase managers under pressure from any or all of the above issues is to find a supplier that will go the extra mile—do more than simply manufacture.

Newport Furniture Parts, for example, is far more than simply a wood furniture component manufacturer. Newport Furniture offers added value to components, from shaped pieces and sub assemblies, right up to completely assembled and finished items. Take advantage of this value added service today. Contact Newport Furniture Parts for more information.



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