Why Furniture Manufacturers Choose Wooden Furniture Parts

June 19, 2013
Why Furniture Manufacturers Choose Wooden Furniture Parts


Nothing is more beautiful than furniture made from real wood. Oaks, maples, cherry, or walnut – real wood has an unbeatable charm that adds value and depth to your home and decor. When considering which types of wood best suits your taste, or particular application, considering the characteristics of different types of wood is your first step.
High-end furniture parts made from real wood not only have a better appearance than other options, like particle boards or plastics, they will also out-last and out-perform. Each type of wood has its own charm and grain patterns so we will quickly outline the most popular choices.
High-end furniture parts are made from high quality woods
Costs are comparable to other materials and high quality woods offer so many benefits. Pieces made from real wood often become family heirlooms that you can pass down to your family. When you buy furniture parts or furniture made from walnut, cherry, oak, or maples; like any type of wood you have many options for the finishes available. Being able to choose exactly what fits your taste and decor is important.
Here’s our top three wooden furniture choices:
Charming cherry — Old-country style.
Cherry is a hardwood that is strong and long-lasting. Some of the greatest antique pieces are made of beautiful cherry wood. These pieces look just as good today as they did over a hundred years ago! If you’re looking to add a rich, warm feel to your home; cherry wood is a great choice. Cherry wood darkens as it ages, and will just look better and better as time goes on!
America’s standard — Maple sweet Maple.
Maple woods were heavily used in early American furniture parts manufacturing, and are now coveted by collectors worldwide. Maple is a hardwood, one of the hardest in fact. It is very durable and heavy. Used for in particular for bedroom furniture and floorings, maple brings beautiful colors and textures to your furniture pieces. Because of its density, maple is moisture resistant and can withstand heavy use in difficult environments. Maple wood grain often displays beautiful burls and bird’s eyes which add a striking touch.
Built to last — Walnut takes the cake.
Walnut is a hardwood, which like cherry and maple is very durable. If you’re a vintage furniture buff, you’ll be familiar with walnut, as it was often the choice for many heritage furniture manufacturers. Because of the texture of walnut wood, it is a perfect choice for ornate pieces because it holds its shape so well. Walnut furniture can last a lifetime when cared for properly, so consider this wood for your next project if you want to build to last.


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