Why Choose CNC Manufactured Wooden Furniture Parts

November 29, 2013
Why Choose CNC Manufactured Wooden Furniture Parts

Our Specialty

Designing wooden furniture parts has been our specialty since 1963. From conceptualizing designs that produce beautiful wooden furniture, to the production and assembly of furniture; we do it all! For companies who are looking for some extra information or guidance, our experience will lend itself well to finding the answers you need. Here at Newport Furniture Parts we’re happy to help.

Ahead of the Techno-Curve

Because technology has provided and continues to provide major advancements in the wooden furniture parts manufacturing industry, we make a point of staying up to speed on the latest and greatest in CNC milling and other technologies. Our furniture manufacturing plant features a highly efficient CNC milling process that allows us perform both large and small runs with precision and speed.

Customized Wooden Furniture Manufacturer

For customized projects, CNC milling offers our clients the ability to not only design their own wood furniture designs, but to also manufacture them affordably and professionally. Because of the reduced amount of waste and time, we can usually get a project done faster and for less money. Our CNC milling process is integrated with our computer design software that allows us to create, input and manage the furniture designs. That means you can bring your ideas to us, or we can work together to create your very own furniture pieces.

Benefits of CNC Manufactured Wooden Furniture Parts:

  • It takes less than thirty seconds to set up our CNC machines
  • CNC  machines are more accurate and efficient than other methods
  • Greater consistency on runs of furniture parts
  • Increased flexibility and ability to manufacture detailed pieces
  • CNC machine cuts are super fine and reduce or eliminate the need to sand

Start to Finish Wooden Furniture Manufacturer

Finding a wooden furniture manufacturer who can design, produce and assemble your wooden furniture from start to finish will save your business time and money! It will also allow you to provide specialized furniture or personalized and custom-built projects. One of the best things a business can do is research and develop products with a local flavor. Often these types of products become their bestsellers.

Finding That Local Touch

Finding that local flavor is easy. Most likely there are styles, stories, history, or cultural influences unique to your location. Finding out what those are and producing products that are influenced by that are a great way to find a niche market. It is also a great way to market your business, increase loyalty and expand into new markets. We can help you do just that, give us a call!






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