Waste reduction in furniture manufacturing

April 20, 2010
Waste reduction in furniture manufacturing

Wood furniture parts manufacturers play key role in the furniture industry’s bottom line.

Wood furniture manufacturers design and produce wood components for companies in the furniture industry.  Newport Furniture Parts Corp. can make a component for those furniture companies with a design in mind, or offer design services when additional creative support is required.
Using our experience and expertise in design and manufacturing of wood components, today, more than ever, wood component manufacturers must play a key role in helping save money in the furniture manufacturing industry by reducing production time, eliminating waste and lowering unnecessary inventory levels.
The rising costs of raw materials, including leather, wood, steel, glass, cardboard, even finishing sprays, will have a definite impact on the price of finished goods over the next year. The realities of today’s economy require efficiency and waste reduction. The ability to only order the required parts, or pieces of furniture, therefore allowing to limit any unnecessary surpluses are key factors in helping the furniture industry’s bottom line.  
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Material prices have increased by 15% to 20% on average; some items have reached increases of as much as 40%. The need to cut costs and to add new techniques and equipment in order to be more efficient in US manufacturing has become a reality in the wooden furniture manufacturing industry.
At Newport Furniture Parts we make the design and manufacturing process more efficient by using our experience in the field of design and the latest in CNC wood milling technology.
Since 1963 Newport Furniture Parts has been assisting furniture manufacturers nationwide with their wooden furniture parts needs. Newport Furniture Parts can assist you in reducing inventory levels and also improve your bottom line by giving you guaranteed costs on your products.  With the latest in CNC wood milling technology, software and education, we have made several remarkable accomplishments that are light years ahead of our competitors.
You will no longer have to consider waste percentages because at Newport Furniture Parts, we back our furniture parts by our 100% quality guarantee.
At Newport Furniture Parts, as a result of our continuous investment in technology, a truly skilled work force and a craftsmanship steeped in history, our capabilities are limitless.


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