USA Wooden Furniture Manufacturers Secrets—the Design & Build Concept

September 06, 2013
USA Wooden Furniture Manufacturers Secrets—the Design & Build Concept


USA furniture manufacturers know full well the importance of design and build furniture manufacturing concepts. Because of the flexibility offered with this type of system, manufacturers can offer their clients the possibility of highly tailored wooden furniture components, as well as quick turnaround times. This concept greatly streamlines the entire design and manufacturing process and also extends more options to consumers to get exactly what they want.
For domestic furniture manufacturers this is a great opportunity to build a successful and profitable business here in the USA. Implementing a design and build strategy will allow you to provide more options and faster service. It also allows you become competitive by offering lower prices, quicker delivery times, custom made orders, and finishing options.
Offering this feature also opens the door to new customers such as interior designers, small high end furniture shops, contractors and retailers who want customized pieces.
Key components in the Design/Build concept:
  • Raw materials for manufacturing wooden furniture parts
  • Design software program
  • Skilled designer to run programs
  • Service department for consultation and project management
  • Fully integrated manufacturing plant for production
  • Inventory and shipping


Using Design Software for Wooden Furniture Components

Even the greatest design software can’t replace a well trained and experienced design consultant. But put that software into the hands of that consultant and VIOLA! You’ve got yourself a great match. Design software for furniture manufacturing really is only as good as the person using it, so it is important to have someone with a knack for design, experience in the furniture manufacturing industry, and common sense.
When designing a potential furniture piece, using the 3D imagery that design software offers, gives both the client and the manufacturer a chance to see the piece before production begins. This means you can make changes and adaptations before actually carving out the first pieces. That saves money, creates better products and increases profitability for all parties.

Capabilities of CNC Machining

Harnessing the power of CNC machining to the fullest becomes simple when paired with CAD software. The accuracy that you can achieve with CNC machining enables intricate detail, high quality and consistency throughout an entire run, regardless of run size.
There are a few points to remember when using CNC machining in a furniture plant:
  • Take the time to properly learn the software and equipment!
  • Minimize set-ups and combine your operations when possible
  • Avoid creating bottlenecks in your production
  • Workflow should allow for fast loading and unloading
  • Make use of laser projection for accuracy
  • Create designs that minimize flipping pieces on the machines
  • Keep your workspaces clean!
Newport Furniture Parts offers fully customizable wooden furniture design options and wooden furniture manufacturing here in the USA. Give us a call today and get your project started.



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