USA Wood Furniture Manufacturers Produce High Quality Wood Furniture Parts

July 31, 2013
USA Wood Furniture Manufacturers Produce High Quality Wood Furniture Parts


When it comes to wooden furniture parts, craftsmanship can range as low or high as prices. The manufacturing of quality wooden chair components includes using durable hardware, high quality hardwood, unique design and expert assembly.

The Best Technology and Quality Craftsmanship

A few manufacturers in the USA are producing dining chairs that are made with the kind of professional craftsmanship that stands out of the crowd of imported, poor quality chairs. The highest level of professionalism and experience is coupled with the latest in technology to produce wooden chairs that are long lasting and beautiful.

The Purchase of High Quality Craftsmanship

The time and money you invest in the purchase of cheaper chairs can add up to great deal more than the cost of one quality-made wooden chair. Choosing the purchase of high quality chairs will help save you money buying new chairs to replace cheaper ones every few years or so.

Looking at the Three Basic Chair Parts

No matter what style of chair you are shopping for, the same three basic parts are used to manufacture every type of chair. The back, a seat and supporting legs are the basic parts of a chair. Of course, stools and bar seats are made most of the time without a back. However, choosing the best chair means considering two factors: design and assembly.

Modern Design

Today, chairs are manufactured in a unique way using 3D CAD computer software. Using this software allows designers and manufacturers to see a three dimensional blueprint of the chair design they are considering before making it out of high-quality wood. The use of 3D software allows designers to see the final product before manufacturing it; which provides the opportunity to make changes to the construction of a chair that would promote safety and durability, as well as the decorative style.

Benefits of CNC Wood Milling Techniques

Manufacturers using a CNC router can produce wooden chair parts that are exactly the same every time, even on large runs. Using advanced computer technology, the chair parts being produced are done so using exact specification each time for each part. Once the specified number of parts is made, assembly of the wooden chairs can begin.

USA Manufacturers Professional Assembly and Finishing

While the manufacture of high quality chair parts is essential to long lasting durability, the proper assembly of a chair is important as well. Every chair will require gluing, insertion of wooden pegs and correct part fitting. Once chairs are assembled, a coating of protective polyurethane is usually applied, sealing in the beauty of the hardwoods.
The wooden chair you can pass down to your children and grand-children is the one you know has been made using only the most experienced and professional craftsmanship. These are the standards maintained by Newport Furniture Parts, a USA company that is one of few leading the way craftsmanship and quality.



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