USA furniture manufacturers increasing in popularity

April 07, 2011
USA furniture manufacturers increasing in popularity

It appears that some positive may come out of the recession that impacted the entire world economy from late in 2007 to the summer of 2009.

Although the economy has improved, the effects of the recession are still felt in several sectors, not to mention in many individuals’ minds and wallets; high unemployment rates and economic adversity still remain in many countries.

Shift in mindset
When the market crashed in 2007 many people lost their jobs, homes and investments. For many, this period marked the beginning of a new behaviour and a new way of living: limit spending and save money. For countless companies, from electronic stores to wood furniture manufacturers the future seemed uncertain and frightening.

Today, it appears that a result of this economic turndown is an increased interest in domestic wooden furniture by consumers in search of furniture made in the USA. Far from having a huge impact, furniture retailers are noticing a new trend in consumers who are more so asking for U.S. products.

Buy domestic products


An attractive feature of domestic products is the accessibility and quick turnaround in comparison to some imported products. When imported products are depleted, the delay to receive more may be a long one whereas US-made wood furniture parts can often be replenished quickly.


Consumers are now able to appreciate that USA furniture manufacturers are capable of offering a wide variety of wood species (e.g.: hard maple, soft maple, red oak, cherry, pine and ash); an extensive range of styles and models, and all at competitive prices.


Learn from experience


After years of competing with the Chinese furniture manufacturers, American manufacturers have learned that they must act, as opposed to simply react. Many USA furniture manufacturers have come up with aggressive business models that are difficult to beat in terms of price, delivery and inventory. As a result, furniture retailers can carry less inventory, are offered beneficial financial terms and consumers can receive their orders quickly; less likely when dealing with wood furniture importers.


It appears that the recession may bring about some hopeful changes; consumers are associating lost manufacturing jobs and plant closings to local budget shortfalls. A shift in thinking is causing consumers to push retailers to carry American made products, whereas it used to the manufacturers that were doing the pushing. The recession may conceivably direct Americans to buy US made furniture and other retail goods.


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