Unique Furniture Styles Are Leading The 2014 Home Decor Trend

January 27, 2014
Unique Furniture Styles Are Leading The 2014 Home Decor Trend

2014 shows promise of finally being the year when homemakers rediscover their flair and style, and there's no better way of making use of this year’s trends than making custom built wooden furniture the centerpiece of principle rooms. The welcome return of character to the domestic setting can be showcased in many ways, be it through standout colors, textured patterns and best of all unique pieces of furniture that help turn any room into a statement. Nothing expresses this better than using specialist wood furniture manufacturers to create pieces that are limited only by the extremes of imagination, so let’s take a look at what we need to consider in making 2014 a genuinely stand-out year.

How custom furniture will be the vogue of 2014

Of course it's not much use having a custom made cocktail table if it isn't going to fit with the overall decor of the room, but fortunately this year is all on using background and foreground contrast to highlight signature pieces of furniture. By no means should this be taken to suggest we start mixing garish colors - in fact the opposite is true - the idea is to find an elegant blend of shades and colors to create the room's overall character which can be as complex or simple as desired. Here's a couple of examples how this may work in a lounge:

-> The centerpiece is a custom built wooden coffee table with push out extensions, comprising three horizons of blue hue. As this is a striking piece we need to make it the focus of the room, so we contrast it by having a sharply patterned blue/white rug beneath the table, while surrounding it with one tone light blue chairs and sofas. The idea is to use the contrast from the plain background furniture and the glitzy rug to make the table stand out in all it's unique splendor.

-> Exactly the same principles apply on even the smallest scale, and can be just as striking when utilizing the best wooden furniture. Even a couple of small footstools can steal the show from much larger pieces of furniture if they have been handcrafted and are colored well to contrast against the room. Using a bright textured seat with quality uncoated woodwork contrast superbly on a deeper background color.


How about sourcing some unique furniture chair parts?

Everyone needs a couch or two, but there's nothing quite like a set of unique chairs - be they for dining or simply relaxing - to really express the character of a room. As this year is all about bucking the trend, there's no obligation anymore for a dining room to have uniform table and chairs. A deep pastel colored table serves as a great way of highlighting a set of bright and inviting chairs, and perhaps for the most stylish dining experience the table could be offset by an elegantly patterned set of dishes.

In the living room or study color can make all the difference, perhaps using mellow tones to help relax or creative, bolder hues to encourage concentration. The key with chairs is to really think about how they will fit into the dimensions and layout of the room, and what colors will best complement the mood that is most suitable for the environment. Also try to factor in how to make the chair the focus of the room rather than the desk or table, and remember that depth is created by contrasting colors and patterns that subtly complement each other.

Isn't it difficult - and expensive - to find specialist wood furniture manufacturers?

Fortunately not. There's a great number of specialist carpenters operating in the U.S who are surprisingly affordable and will be able to work wonders to any budget. When considering a fashionable revamp bear in mind that unlike mass assembled prefabricated furniture to be found in the stores, that specialist wood furniture manufacturers take pride in the longevity of the pieces that they consider. This is especially important for chairs given how regular they will be used, and one of the very best specialist manufacturers in the country are Newport Furniture Parts Services who have been producing the finest custom furniture since 1963. With over fifty years of experience you can be sure that they will have a solution for any project.


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