Understanding the vital role of the purchase manager

October 19, 2011
Understanding the vital role of the purchase manager

A purchasing manager or buyer is often one of the most underrated and least understood positions in any company or organization. And yet, the purchasing manager and his or her team provide a service that is often the backbone of the company they work for. Hardly surprising, then, that the typical purchase-managers job is high energy, high pressure and, yes, highly stressful, too.

Typically, a purchase manager’s responsibilities will include:
• Finding suppliers to provide quality goods at reasonable prices
• Negotiating prices and contracts with suppliers
• Reviewing and checking for quality of raw materials and/or components
• Organizing the quantity and timing of deliveries
• Forecasting peaks and troughs in demand

A purchase manager will be dealing with one or more of the above tasks every day. Communication is key, and a good purchase manager will also be highly organized and have superior skills in prioritizing. Still, things can and do go wrong from time to time, and because of the large number of company departments the average purchase manager deals with, pressure can occasionally appear to be coming from all sides at once.

Here at Newport Furniture Parts, we aim to work as closely as possible with the purchasing managers of the clients we supply our wood-furniture components to. Our mission is to make the supply of our products to your company as trouble free as possible, freeing up time for you to concentrate on other tasks. Working closely with our clients, it is possible for us to set up systems that enable a continuous flow of the components you need. Furthermore, we can quickly adjust to any additional spikes in orders, which is obviously very different from the four to six weeks you are likely to wait for additional stocks to arrive, say, from China. We also set our systems up so that we batch all orders into one day, which saves money on freight, paperwork and labor for handling—very different to the time consuming and expensive system that releases orders on a daily basis.

Over nearly five decades, Newport Furniture Parts has established itself as a leader in the wood component industry, and as one of Vermont's finest wood furniture manufacturers. For more information or to discuss your next order, contact Newport Furniture Parts today.


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