Turning The Tables—Benefits of USA Based Furniture Manufacturing

October 07, 2014
Turning The Tables—Benefits of USA Based Furniture Manufacturing


Adapting to Globalization

Adapting to markets influenced by constantly changing globalization, furniture manufacturing has often been sent overseas to countries like China, India or Vietnam. Ironically, the wood and wood products used to build this furniture is often sourced from the USA, shipped overseas, transformed into furniture, then shipped back to the States for sale. It stands to reason that the efficiency and environmentally soundness of this whole system is questionable. With finished wood furniture or items like furniture chair parts it’s likely true that they have travelled farther than many of us!

Finding A Profitable Niche

While remaining adaptive and flexible is key to running a successful business, it has contributed, in part, to the long-distance relationship many companies have with their wood component manufacturers. In the effort to keep businesses profitable, many have followed the demand overseas with their lumber supply, CNC wood milling projects and furniture manufacturing. However, this is not the only profitable option anymore. Rises in shipping costs, increasing instability in foreign lands and markets, and changing consumer demands all weigh in on the scales.


Local Contract Furniture Suppliers

Part of the reason for this is the fact that “Made-in-the-USA” has become much more popular in recent years. Playing a key role in this are changing consumer values/demands. The increasing consumer demand for responsible and sustainable wood products is quickly growing a niche for locally produced wood furniture parts. More and more, people are choosing to purchase wood furniture parts and finished wood furniture from contract furniture suppliers operating in the USA. This in turn has sharpened the competitiveness and competency of USA furniture manufacturers choosing to operate right here at home.


Sustainably Sourced Wood

Another thing to consider is that one of the world’s best temperate hardwood forests is right here in the USA. Wood from these forests can be harvested sustainably; shipped reasonable distances to USA based furniture part manufacturers and used to produce runs of wood furniture parts. Assembling and finishing these parts locally also contributes favorably to the equation, as well as our American economy. While labor here in the States may cost more than in developing countries, the difference is becoming less and less desirable by today’s increasingly conscientious consumers. More times than not, people now are turning to responsibly produced products over their cheaper counterparts.

Final Note On Staying In The USA

Keep in mind that the savings gained by producing overseas is largely based on producing large runs of furniture. It is not overly beneficial to try and produce custom projects or small runs of furniture parts this way. That’s where working with an established and experienced USA based furniture manufacturer, like Newport Furniture Parts can really make the difference. Not only will you gain the benefits outlined previously, you also gain access to an entire design team, CNC milling experts, a team of experienced and proficient production workers and the backing of a company who truly cares about the people involved, and the project. Give us a call today to find out how to get started on your next project.



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