The Gift of Knowledge From America’s Wood Furniture Manufacturer

December 08, 2014
The Gift of Knowledge From America’s Wood Furniture Manufacturer

Gift Giving Season

With the holidays fast approaching it’s the perfect time of year to give things away! What could be better than to share with our clients some of the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years? For over 50 years now we have been a steady supplier of wood furniture components operating locally as an American wood furniture part manufacturer. From drafting the initial designs to producing varying volumes of wood part runs, we’ve had plenty of time to learn what works well and what doesn’t! In the article that follows, we’ve put together a few tried and true facts to help answer your questions, and the questions of your customers.


Give Your Orders! Top 3 Buyer’s Questions Answered

  • When American furniture buyers order their wood furniture parts from contract furniture suppliers, such as Newport Furniture Parts, they often have many questions. Some of the most common questions we get include the following three:


  • What type of finish is best? One of the most common finishes used on wood furniture parts is polyurethane. It’s popular because it’s easy for DIY projects, but not the best choice for long lasting quality. Because its thick and brittle, it can crack, show brush marks, chip and scratch. It also does not expand and contract with the wood, limiting its lifespan. A better choice would be an acrylic lacquer. These finishes allow are flexible, waterproof, and scratch resistance. They generally are sprayed on, producing a better finish.


  • Will I save money producing larger runs? Not necessarily. Using our high-tech CNC milling process and CAD design software, we are able to produce any volume of wood furniture parts at highly competitive and economical rates. The days of having to order huge quantities have passed. Now you can order what you need, or even inventory extra stock right here at our storage facility.


  • Can you replicate trims, chair legs, spindles etc.? Of course we can! Using our CAD software and epoxy molds, we are able to conceptualize and produce any design our customers bring to the table. If you want to replicate or modify one of your best sellers, or put a twist on a heritage design, we can do it very efficiently.


Give Answers! How to Answer Your Customer’s Questions

One of the simplest things that can make a big difference to the end user is knowing how to deal with accidents to their wood furniture. As a supplier to the end users, our clients purchase from us either wood furniture parts or volumes of finished contract wood furniture. In turn, they are the ones who then field a wide range of questions from their buyers. We’ve put together a few FAQ’s to help you answer your customer’s questions:


  • What’s the best way to repair damaged finishes? Big question! First, talk with the wood furniture manufacturer to determine the exact type and color of the finish. From there you can determine if you can perform simple repairs yourself or will need to take your furniture piece into the store for touch ups. Wax sticks, lacquer repairs (burn-in) or epoxy can all be options, depending on the extent of the damage. Take note of any custom colors or finishes, as these will require expert repairs to go unnoticed.


  • How can I get rid of stains? Two-part wood bleach, oxalic acid and chlorine bleach can be used to remove stains from wood. However, they do lighten the color! Depending on the type of stain and where it’s located you can test for color fastness using a Q-tip and your preferred solvent. After you’ve removed or lightened the stain, you can sand the area and refinish. Check with the wood furniture manufacturer to find out what finish is used to get the exact match.


How do I deal with water-damaged furniture? Water damage can be a challenge! Depending on the degree of damage, your first step is to clean the affected areas with an antibacterial. Dish soap or antibacterial hand soap will work. Next, dry the furniture out. Keep in mind that fast, high heat can warp wood. You want to apply slow, dry heat over time. Force fans work well and don’t necessarily require additional heating; this can take 3 to 4 days, or more. Once the furniture is completely dry you can assess if it’s possible to refinish the furniture. If not, you can order new wood furniture parts to replace pieces such as chair legs, chair seats or table legs etc.


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