The CNC advantage for wood furniture component manufacturers

August 10, 2011
The CNC advantage for wood furniture component manufacturers

It’s been a long time since furniture making conjured up the image of a highly skilled carpenter, working away with hand tools in a small workshop to produce beautifully crafted pieces of furniture. And in these days of the type of mass manufacturing needed to keep pace with furniture demand, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Today’s furniture making is no less skilled a process than it was back then, but the skills required are radically different. To mass produce the required number of high-quality wood chair parts that are needed to supply the biggest retailers, the best companies rely on computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. Some CNC wood routers are incredibly sophisticated and can achieve far better accuracy for cuts and joints than any human operator could ever wish to reproduce.

Usually, CNC routers cut and move along three axis—X, Y and Z, with X usually denoting front to back, Y right to left and Z depth. This means that as well as accuracy, CNC routers are able work efficiently on complex designs. With computers being responsible for issuing directions to the routers, most of these complex designs begin as a digital dxf or similar electronic drawing. Using software, the digital image is converted into a tool-path code such as g-code. The commands from the g-code are relayed back to the CNC controller and converted into electric currents that control the mechanical drive systems.

Over the past decade, Newport Furniture Parts has invested heavily in making our CNC wood-milling process as efficient as possible. With technology, software, and education, we have made several remarkable accomplishments that are far ahead of our competitors.

If you are purchasing furniture chair parts and are looking for a new or additional supplier, Newport Furniture Parts are ready to help you. A leading wood-furniture component manufacturer, we have been assisting furniture manufacturers across North America with their chair parts needs since 1963.

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