The Beauty of Custom Laser Engraved Wood Furniture Parts

October 23, 2013
The Beauty of Custom Laser Engraved Wood Furniture Parts


The Benefits of Laser Engraving


Laser engraving produces highly intricate and beautiful designs and opens the door for delicate patterns or customized options. Using our computer assisted laser engraving system, we are able to laser engrave any wooden furniture part or piece. We offer our laser engraving service for any wooden furniture part that we manufacture.
Because you can engrave everything from a photo to your logo, laser engraving has virtually no limit. If you’re looking to engrave multiple parts, laser engraving is highly consistent over a large run of pieces. You won’t be able to tell a difference from the first part engraved to the last. Laser engraving is incredibly precise and detailed as well. Although you’ll want to keep basic design principles in mind, you really can laser engrave just about anything your business or its customers would desire.
This precision allows us to produce designer wood furniture parts and it allows you to offer customized products to your customers! We can custom engrave your business’ logo and information, as well as personalize wooden furniture with your client’s names or other graphics.
Some options include:
  • Names on chairs, dressers or beds
  • Gift and award messages
  • Logos and business information
  • Engraving is a permanent solution…it won’t wear or fall off!
Laser engraving works particularly well on wood products because they are relatively softer than other products such as plastic or metals. Maples, cherry and walnut are a few types of wood that are particularly beautiful when laser engraved. Because of the relative softness, detailed images or patterns, crystal clear text and designs can be easily added to a wooden furniture piece.
We’ve laser engraved a lot of different wooden products! Here’s a few that we’ve done recently:
  • Restaurant logos on chairs
  • Customized wooden cutting boards
  • Business logos
  • Family names on dining chairs
  • Patterns on dresser drawer faces

Selling Features of Laser Engraving

Customized, local or specialized furniture and products sell great; people love to see their names on products! If you’re interested in offering custom laser engraving to your clients; we can fulfill this service for you. Simply contact our service department to discuss your project or potential service you’d like to offer and we can work out the details.
Newport Furniture Parts is owned and operated here in Vermont USA. We offer exceptional service and believe in offering the best possible products as well. If you’d like to keep your business here in the USA, we are one of the few wood furniture manufacturers in the USA. We’d love to work with you! Give us a call today.



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