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October 22, 2010

Solid wood furniture manufacturers: a safe and responsible choice

This past summer, President Obama signed a new law limiting the amount of formaldehyde that would be tolerated in products such as particle boards that are used to manufacture furniture parts for low cost and low quality furniture and cabinets. [1]

What is formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde is a volatile organic compound (VOC), meaning that at normal room temperatures, formaldehyde transforms into a gas and is released into the air.

Formaldehyde is also referred to as methyl aldehyde, methylene oxide, oxymethylene and oxomethane.

This substance which is found in nature has been overused throughout the years by humans and the presence of this toxic chemical is now found at unbelievable levels. As a matter of fact, formaldehyde is now one of the most widespread indoor pollutants.

Where is it formaldehyde found?
High levels of formaldehyde are often found in particle board, a building product that is made by combining wood chips, wax and formaldehyde based glue. Particle board is frequently used to make low-cost furniture and cabinets.

Certain plywood from China, a product that is also used to manufacture low-priced furniture, has been found to hold high levels of formaldehyde. In this case, the formaldehyde is used make up for extreme moisture during manufacturing.

Effects of formaldehyde
Formaldehyde, a substance that is used in many building materials and to build cheap furniture parts, is a cancer causing substance and has been associated to respiratory problems for many years.

How can I avoid furniture containing formaldehyde?
When purchasing furniture inquire as to the origin of the wood used to manufacture the furniture parts, the type of wood used and the procedure used to prepare the wood for furniture manufacturing.

What should I look for when selecting furniture?
 - Locate hardwood furniture manufacturers that use solid wood (maple, cherry, pine or ash) to make furniture chair parts and other wood furniture parts. Not only will you be getting a safe piece of furniture, over time the piece will become more beautiful.
- Opt for USA furniture manufacturers that use quality pieces of solid wood to manufacture the furniture parts.
- Steer clear of inexpensive, poorly made furniture containing particle board or plywood.
- Look for wood component manufacturers that are FSC certified, the Forestry Stewardship Council promotes worldwide responsible forestry management.
- Deal with a furniture parts manufacturer that uses wood that has been kiln dried in order to dry the wood prior to manufacturing.

Consider your furniture purchase as an investment instead of an expense. The quality pieces of solid wood furniture that you purchase today will become the antiques and the heirlooms of tomorrow. Paying more today will most likely save you money in the future as cheap furniture is likely not to last.

Newport Furniture Parts manufactures the highest quality furniture parts using the latest technology right here in our facilities in Vermont. Family owned since 1963, Newport Furniture Parts has established itself as a leader among wood component manufacturers. To purchase quality, responsible and made in the USA, wood furniture parts, visit Newport Furniture Parts.



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