Simplify Your Day with Manufactured in the USA

September 19, 2012
Simplify Your Day with Manufactured in the USA

With the US economy consistently rising through a positive growth cycle, it’s time to invest even more in home grown products and quality manufacturing.

With ever improving technologies available for the production of high quality and reasonably priced products, the US has done well in catching up to foreign manufacturers. Now US manufactures can increase their competitive edge by enhancing and utilizing all the advantages available to them being close to home.

Saving on shipping costs and time are a given when ordering component or finished products from a North American manufacturer. Furthermore, a close relationship with your supplier can save on the pains of mismanaged or miscalculated inventory coming from far away countries. Get what you need, when you need and have your supplier involved every step of the way if you wish. Even at the very beginning of your design process, having easy access to the expertise of your US manufacturer can cut your product development costs and time to production.

It’s said that proximity is key to romantic relationships; the same should be true of you partnership with suppliers you need to trust, relying on them to provide you with quality service.

Newport Furniture Parts can offer you all these advantages and more. With a long history of designing and producing quality wood furniture components at home in the USA, Newport Furniture Parts can even help you bring your ideas to fruition with Computer-aided design software. As one of the few USA Furniture Manufacturers, Newport Furniture Parts can help simplify your daily tasks; get in touch to start building a solid partnership with one of the best US based contract furniture suppliers.

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