Save Big with Efficient Furniture Assembly

March 31, 2014
Save Big with Efficient Furniture Assembly

You’re probably well aware of Newport Furniture’s manufacturing capabilities. We’ve built a name for our self by producing cost-effective and quality furniture part projects for our clients nation-wide. But there’s more than just manufacturing that we bring to the table! Not only do we manufacture a variety of wood furniture parts, we also have an in-house, efficient and productive assembly and finishing line. This is great news, if you’re in the furniture manufacturing business.

When it comes to furniture assembly, you basically have two choices:  The first, (once you’ve decided on the specs for your run of furniture parts), is to have the parts produced, packaged and shipped for assembly. Unfortunately, going this route will multiply not only your shipping and warehousing costs, but also increase the time and effort to manage the project.

The second option is to have your furniture parts assembled on-site at the manufacturer’s facility. Oftentimes this isn’t an option; if your manufacturer doesn’t offer assembly services. But Newport Furniture does! Having your pieces assembled at the point of manufacture will save you both money and time; for many reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is not having to pay to ship your parts twice; first to the assembly facility, then to your business. Efficiency in business increases your profit, and handling pieces the least amount possible will save significant time and money.

Another reason to choose our on-site assembly is that you’ll gain the added bonus of expertise through every stage of your project. Because we are able to handle your project from start to finish, our designers and shop workers will collaborate closely throughout the project to ensure that the pieces we make are up to standard and meet the specifications set by the client.  It also allows us to make minor adjustments as the project progresses (if a problem does occur), which decreases the number of rejects.

We don’t need to point out that sending a project between multiple locations and people increases the odds of something going wrong! Keeping a project in one place from start to finish makes good business sense and will finish with exceptional results. Additionally, having us assemble your furniture parts means we can do as much, or as little as you choose. If you simply want your chair backs assembled we can do just that, or assemble the entire chair. We also have a fully equipped finishing department, where we can offer a variety of professional finishes for your furniture. It all depends on what suits your business best. We strive to offer solutions to our clients that will save money and solve problems.

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