Quality Wood Furniture Manufacturers

May 01, 2011
Quality Wood Furniture Manufacturers

The quality of a dining room chair can vary as much as the price. The quality of the hardwood, the design, the furniture chair parts, the assembly and the craftsmanship that go into a dining chair are some of the many factors that distinguish an ordinary chair from an extraordinary one.

Craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology

Amongst the many low end imported chairs that are sold today, there are still a few USA furniture manufacturers that hold strong and maintain pride in their work and in the quality furniture that they create. Experience, knowledge and craftsmanship combined with the latest in cutting-edge technologies allow furniture manufacturers to produce high quality chair parts and fully assembled chairs that will last a long, long time.

Buy quality
Prior to purchasing low quality dining room chairs, why not consider investing more, one time, in some quality hardwood dining room chairs; these will inevitably cost less than buying new chairs every few years and give you much more satisfaction.

Wood furniture chair parts
Regardless of whether you’re a looking for a dining chair, a glider or a desk chair, all chairs are essentially manufactured using the same three components: a chair back (unless you are looking at a backless stool of course!), a seat and a set of legs. Although the number of available chair styles is enormous, each chair is comprised of the same three chair parts. There are two distinguishing variables: the design of each chair part and the final assembly.

Today, the excellent hardwood furniture manufacturers use 3D CAD software to transform an idea into a 3D image. CAD, computer aided design software, is a computer program that allows designers to produce virtual 3D models of a chair. This software enables the designer to ensure that the proportions and the angles of the chair are not only safe and stable, but that they will produce a lasting and beautiful piece of furniture.

CNC wood milling
CNC router machines are programmable machines that cut the furniture chair parts to the exact size every time according to the design specifications. By inputting the furniture part specifications into a computer, the CNC wood milling machine is then able to create wood furniture chair parts quickly and to the accurate measurement every time. This detailing helps to create chair parts that can then be assembled by the wooden chair manufacturers into a lasting piece of furniture.

Chair assembly and finishing
The chair assembly is critical to the quality of the finished product. The fit, the glue, the wood pegs and the gluing process all come into play when completing a chair. The finishing, stain, paint or oil, is also key to a quality wood chair. A polyurethane coat is often applied in order to protect the wood chair from spills and scuffs therefore ensuring the everlasting beauty and quality of your wood dining chair.

With proper care, a well designed and assembled wood chair could turn out to be a cherished antique in the future. Since 1963, Newport Furniture Parts has been designing and manufacturing wood chairs and chair parts for companies in the furniture industry. Today, Newport Furniture Parts is amongst the few USA furniture manufacturers that continues to manufacture quality indoor and outdoor wood furniture chair parts for companies and entrepreneurs. Contact us today.



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