Professional Perfectionism in your Wood-Furniture Component Manufacturer

November 18, 2014
Professional Perfectionism in your Wood-Furniture Component Manufacturer

Sheer sales volume is not the only indicator of profitability, as efficient manufacturing and honed techniques drive profit margins up by keeping costs down. Making sure your suppliers aren't giving you a raw deal is a great way to start a new year with optimization in mind, allowing you to interject where needed. This process is a sure-fire way to source the most inexpensive materials available, setting you up for impressive returns.

As a well-oiled machines, manufacturing companies rely on every part working as smoothly as the rest, a single kink or bottleneck can reduce the productivity of an entire system. Here are a few of the major areas and procedures to thoroughly examine:

Handling of finished products and precursor materials

Miss-handling of materials and products create a serious backlog in the processing line. A quick and streamlined management system minimizes loss of productivity, resulting in cost reductions and higher profit margins.

Equipment and machinery

For a manufacturer's machinery, the standard at which it is operated and maintained is a key component of how smoothly business runs. Well-maintained machinery with highly trained engineers on hand results in maximum possible operating capacity and up-time. High quality tools and skilled craftsmen using them are also equally important in deciding the difference between a fine cut or a defect in a finished product.

Management of defects, rather than defective management

Reducing the number of defects and swift resolution of corrective measures should be a top priority for a manufacturing plant, as these tasks equate to wasted wages, time and resources, slashing profitability. Time spent clearing up mistakes or re-making defective parts is time not spent producing more products that reach sales.

Changing shifts, machines and ensuring smooth work-flow

Production can be significantly increased by managing a seamless shift-change and machine set-up times. The faster your staff and equipment can get back to working, the faster they will be producing goods for sale. Making sure the working area optimally manages product flow also goes a long way to ensuring efficient operating times.

Clear operating procedures

An operational proceedings notice should be displayed at all work areas and on all equipment, ensuring safe and professional practices are maintained to the highest standard.
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