National Wood Furniture Parts Fulfillment Services

November 14, 2013
National Wood Furniture Parts Fulfillment Services

The beauty of using a fulfillment service.

So what exactly is a fulfillment service? In a nutshell, fulfillment services offer business owners a convenient option for order processing, shipping, tracking, invoicing, storing inventory and many other business operations. Businesses can benefit greatly from using a fulfillment service because it allows you to streamline your business, reduce the amount of staff and storage space, as well as minimize transportation and shipping costs.

Specialized benefits for furniture stores.

Furniture store owners know full well the challenge of housing their own inventories. It requires a great deal of space, time and effort; as well as consistent monitoring and tracking. When orders come in or pieces are sold, you must update your inventories and order replacement stock, as well as ship and track outgoing orders.
This part of business can be eliminated by taking advantage of a fulfillment service like the one we offer here at Newport Furniture Parts. Not only are we located here at home in beautiful Vermont USA; we pride ourselves in offering high quality products and superior customer service. We value our clients and have a growing base of loyal customers who have streamlined their operations greatly and minimized operational cost by using our fulfillment service.

Some of our most popular and highly successful fulfillment services include:
  • Design & production of wood furniture parts
  • Billing, payments, receivables and shipping
  • Order processing
  • Secure storage of inventory
  • Inventory management

We can do the same for your business. Call us today, or send us an email to discuss your business model and discover potential areas you can save time and money in. We can help out from your office tasks to the production and delivery of wood furniture parts. There’s no limit on the services we provide, and we enjoy customizing what we offer to fit individual business needs.

Special Wood Furniture Concept?

If you have a specific need or a great concept for some new products, contact our designers! We are able to offer custom designed wood furniture parts. We can make your project a reality! Custom and localized projects often are a store’s best seller, so take advantage of this trend and get your idea out on the showroom floor. We can design and produce your custom wood furniture project, back it up with our fulfillment service and carry your inventory in our secure facility. All of this reduces risk and costs for your business.

Proud to be American!

Newport Furniture Parts is owned and operated here in the USA. Our business values its employees and sticks to a high code of ethics. We believe in doing business with integrity and honesty, in treating our team members fairly and with respect.
We extend these values to each of our clients and strive to offer the best service possible. Because you are dealing with an American company when you do business with us, we can guarantee quick and clear communication, services and reliable and prompt deliveries of our products—you won’t have to wait for overseas shipments, deal with difficult or poor service reps in foreign countries, or sit on hold for an hour. We’re here and ready to do business!




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