Manufacturing Furniture For Commercial And Institutional Use

June 25, 2014
Manufacturing Furniture For Commercial And Institutional Use

Quality Manufacturing - Made To Last

Manufacturing furniture for commercial or institutional use is considerably different than manufacturing for general consumer use. Commercial and institutional furniture must not only be aesthetically pleasing, it has to meet the highest safety standards and be extremely durable. Let’s face it; a wood chair in a restaurant environment will be used much more than your normal kitchen chair. A chair in a restaurant must also accommodate and be comfortable for people of different sizes and weight. A wooden chair manufacturer committed to making well-constructed quality chairs must also have the ability to design and manufacture the chair in regards to the environment where it will be used. At NFP, we understand that wood furniture in a retirement home is considerably different than one used in a restaurant, for example. 

Designing your CAD Design, CNC Wood Milling

In most cases designing complex furniture for commercial and institutional establishments must also meet and outlast the trends of the day. It all starts before sawdust clouds the air. Once the use for the furniture piece is understood, our design engineers go through a careful thought out process well before wood meets the saw. Often multiple prototypes are made and tested before mass production can begin.

Since multiple pieces need to be crafted, CAD design and CNC milling allows precision and consistency of all parts made so all pieces of the furniture fit perfectly together.  Our state of the art machinery, commitment to top end quality and experienced furniture designers will ensure your furniture piece is manufactured to your satisfaction and to the setting it is placed in.

Being the best institutional & commercial furniture manufacturer

In order to reach that aspiration, we regularly audit our internal manufacturing processes for improvement, development purposes and provide training to our employees as needed. As a reputable USA furniture manufacturer with over 50 years of expertise, we also believe in setting the bar high for our business goals and manufacturing the highest quality furniture possible.

Customer Service That Exceeds Expectations

We strive to deliver exceptional tailor-made manufacturing solutions by listening carefully to our clients’ needs, working with them and suggesting improvement when necessary.  

At NFP, we guarantee your satisfaction by committing to replace any wood component that does not meet your requirements or expectations. Newport Furniture Parts is not any wood component manufacturer, it is the one who will deliver good quality furniture, on time and within the allocated budget. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to manufacture furnishings that will stand the test of time!


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