The Lars Chair – American Craftsmanship at its Best

January 05, 2015
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American Partnerships

Partnering with American companies produces exceptional results, both in appearance and quality. One of our recent projects was the Lars chair, built for Room & Board. Room & Board is a local design company who designs and builds furniture and other elements for your living spaces. With a heart for American craftsmanship, sustainable practices and exceptional service, the partnership between Room & Board and Newport Furniture is a perfect fit. So when they brought to us their concept for the Lars chair, we were able to collaborate and streamline their ideas into a manufacture-able, functional and attractive chair.

Pairing Our Strengths

With Newport Furniture’s manufacturing capabilities, practical design expertise and extensive experience and knowledge gained from over 40 years of furniture manufacturing, taking a concept from start to finish is no problem. Pair that with the creativity and ingenuity of Room & Board’s designing team and the result is obvious: beautiful, functional, and unique furniture, made right here in the USA.

Collaborative Approach

Working together with Room & Board, the Lars chair was brought to life here in Newport VT. With its sculpted features and modern, warm, masculine feel, Newport Furniture handcrafts this chair’s cherry wood frame for a “Made in America” feel and quality. The Lars chair’s seat and back are fashioned from fine top-grain leather, buffed and sanded to a fine texture, free from markings or blemish. Naturally finished in your choice of color this leather is not only beautiful; it will age gracefully.

Small Town America to the Big Apple

Because of the quality and success of the design and manufacture of the Lars chair, it is being featured in the prestigious New York showroom, Chelsea. With over 48,000 square feet of inspirationally designed pieces, there are three floors of exceptional furniture to browse, including the Lars chair. American-made craftsman furniture and accessories galore!


Commitment to Our Country

Because of an ongoing commitment to our country and its people, Newport Furniture is proud to partner with companies such as Room & Board; who share our values in producing American made products. Designing and producing furniture that has value for the end customer drives our design principles and manufacturing process. We are committed to quality and sustainability, both in our designs and their manufacture. With a strong focus on the people involved, Newport Furniture continues to lead the way in building and prospering our community and country through our business.


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