Kiln dried wood chair parts

December 07, 2010

The advantage of manufacturing furniture using kiln dried wood is that the moisture content of the timber is reduced prior to the manufacturing process. Small cracks and warping which can occur as wood dries are much less likely to occur when the furniture components are made from kiln dried wood.

What is kiln drying?

A kiln is a huge oven in which temperature, humidity and air circulation can be controlled. Kiln drying essentially heats the wood. This heat may be direct or indirect. Direct heat uses natural gas or electricity; indirect heat uses steam-heated heat exchangers or solar energy.

The goal of kiln drying is to control the temperature, the relative humidity and the air circulation in and around the wood. Kiln drying removes the majority of the moisture that is found in the wood. The process of kiln drying wood can remove as much as 93% of the wood’s moisture.


What are the benefits of using kiln-dried wood?

  • kiln drying shortens drying time;
  • kiln drying allows the wood’s final moisture content to be controlled;
  • kiln drying decreases the possibility of defects in the final wood components;
  • kiln drying results in a dryer wood throughout, which protects against fungal degradation;
  • kiln drying reaches temperatures above 160ºF which hardens the resins in softwoods, therefore reducing the possibility of any sticky resin seeping to the surface of the wood;
  • the high temperatures used in kiln drying contributes to sanitizing the wood by killing any mould, fungi, insects or larvae that may be present in the wood;
  • kiln drying makes the wood and the final wooden furniture much easier to handle as the reduction in the humidity content results in lighter wood;
  • kiln dried wood is ready to be finished; furniture parts made of kiln dried wood mean that the furniture can be finished immediately.


Kiln drying allows overcoming the limitations imposed by erratic weather conditions. Trees are exposed to the conditions in which they grow. The humidity content varies with the weather. Trees that are grown in Vermont, USA are exposed to everything from hot and humid weather in the summer, to extreme cold and snow in the winter. Kiln dried wood is much less prone to cracking, warping and shrinking as the wood is essentially brought to an even state.


At Newport Furniture Parts, we are a USA furniture parts manufacturer that uses only kiln dried wood. From the moment we receive our kiln dried lumber to the moment we ship out the wood furniture parts or a completely finished and upholstered dining room chair, the wood is stored in humidity controlled storage areas ensuring that you receive the highest quality furniture parts.



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