In's and Out's of Furniture Manufacturing Here at Home in the USA

August 12, 2013
In's and Out's of Furniture Manufacturing Here at Home in the USA


Wood furniture manufacturers in the USA have undergone huge changes throughout the last century. From small local shops at the turn of the century, to larger industrialized plants, to off-shore manufacturing plants; the furniture manufacturing industry in the States has shifted its form many times.

The Traditional Furniture Manufacturing Industry

The traditional wooden furniture manufacturing industry was based upon the model of huge factories and mass produced wooden furniture components and products. This model is rapidly decreasing in the United States as it is increasingly difficult to compete with the cheap labor and cost of off-shore manufacturing plants in developing countries such as India or China.
In order to flourish, domestic furniture manufacturing must address the pain points of the traditional model:
  • Relying on peak sales in bi-annual markets
  • Inefficient design and engineering creates “bottlenecks” in workflow
  • Factories designed for high-run orders lack flexibility
  • Factories and design process slow, expensive and risky


Furniture Manufacturing in the USA has its Perks!

Although there are definite strains on our economy, and the manufacturing industry can be influenced by these, choosing to manufacture in the USA has many benefits that make it a very viable and worthwhile option. Because a USA furniture manufacturer is located right here at home, they can offer exceptional services to their clients; as well as more easily accessing and adapting to the market.

Lower Administrative Costs

Administrative costs for USA based furniture manufacturers are also considerably lower. When doing business outside of the country it takes a lot more time, communication, and expense to effectively manage and administrate your furniture manufacturing project. That savings is passed along to the consumer.

Changing Operations

Furniture stores and vendors are also increasingly finding it unnecessary to build and maintain large showrooms or warehouses. Clients can research and access online showrooms, as well as request smaller runs of furniture parts that require carrying less inventory. Furniture manufacturers who offer the added value of carrying inventory for their clients have the advantage over off-shore competitors who cannot easily provide this valuable service to its consumers. Off-shore companies often don’t want to continue extending service to previous clients as it runs up the cost of hiring, running and training support staff.

Sleek Design Processes

USA furniture manufacturers can also become very competitive by making the most of the design and production process. Eliminating time consuming and labor intensive design practices that rely heavily on back and forth communication and slow production processes can be eliminated using efficient and quick CAD design programs. Pair that up with an in-house designer who can quickly create your design and then turn around and start production, you’ve not only got creative licence to generate the product you want, you’ve also found profitable and fast turnaround times!
Newport Furniture Parts operates at home in the USA. We pride ourselves in offering high quality products and our made-in-America customer service! We also pride ourselves in offering a great work environment that treats its employees like family. We value people. We value you.



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