How to Find the Best Contract Furniture Suppliers

December 19, 2013
How to Find the Best Contract Furniture Suppliers


The Bottom Line for Contract Furniture Customers

Contract furniture buyers want to know that a potential contract furniture manufacturer will get the job done right. And quickly! It really comes down to being professional and efficient. When shopping around for a contract furniture supplier, it is important to know exactly what you need. If you understand your end of the deal, it makes it much easier to see your project come to fruition, and to find the furniture manufacturer who can make this happen.

Right Under Your Nose…

You may be surprised at how many competitive furniture manufacturers are located right here in the US. Often when searching for a contract furniture supplier, we look overseas right away. This is one of the biggest mistakes made! Not only does it send dollars out of the country, it brings in products that do little to offer customers value. Whenever we flood a market it creates a situation where marginal products compete with local products and companies…often at their expense, and the consumers.
Solutions for Every Budget
That being said, there are varying brackets on price and quality, but shopping at home for a contract furniture supplier doesn’t limit you to high-end products. If you are looking to provide economically priced products, there are many US based furniture manufacturers who can accommodate any budget. The added bonus from shopping in the US is that our economy can continue to recover and people who need jobs will continue to have jobs.

Contract Furniture Manufacturer’s Biggest Hurdle

Arguably one of the greatest hurdles to our manufacturing industry today is our tendency to import goods such as furniture parts and contract furniture projects. By taking advantage of the goods and services that US based furniture manufacturing companies offer, businesses will discover the added bonus of attentive customer service, value added products, customizable furniture projects, small or large runs, higher quality and faster and more efficient production.

The Benefit of Staying Home

By dealing with a US based contract furniture supplier you also gain access to extra service options that can greatly streamline your business and your costs. Here at Newport Furniture Parts we offer a wide range of services that make running your furniture business easier! We offer our clients the ability to have us carry inventory, process orders, track and process accounts and receivables, handle billing, package and ship products, as well as many other administrative options.
Finding a contract furniture company isn’t always easy, but finding one that will go above and beyond the usual is what will make the difference in your bottom line. Our aim is to serve our customers in a way that makes their business easier to run, and more profitable.
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