How To Design And Manufacture Wooden Chairs

October 22, 2014
How To Design And Manufacture Wooden Chairs


Building Wooden Chairs

Designing and manufacturing wooden chairs and wooden chair parts requires some creativity and ingenuity. From your standard everyday use type of kitchen table chair, to a more refined and elegant set of dining room chairs, there’s can be a lot that goes into their making. That said the chair is a relatively simple concept that doesn’t often call for a lot of modifications. The main goal in producing any wooden chair is that they are safe, comfortable and long lasting. After those qualities are met, any chair worth its salt needs to be attractive and efficient to manufacture.

What’s Attractive Today, Tomorrow & Yesterday

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s true. Attractive designs are highly personal. But there are some standard chair designs that have really stood the test of time. Sometimes taking one of these simple chair designs and adding in a few minor modifications will produce a highly marketable and functional chair. Finding a designer who is sensitive to consumer demand without compromising on quality is key in producing an attractive and sellable wood chair.

Generating Great Designs

Many furniture suppliers find it difficult to design and manufacture more complex types of wooden chairs simply because they lack the design and woodworking skills. Crafting a beautiful yet highly functional and durable chair calls for both an eye for beautiful design, and expertise in structural design and production process. At Newport Furniture Parts, we have all these things.

A Great Design Team

Our design team brings their creative flair to the table, alongside an awareness of trends, styles and popular types of designs. They also have a thorough and proven understanding in the structural requirements and how to positively influence our customer’s designs, without adding excessive costs; as well as access to the immense wealth of experience and knowledge our craftsmen and production team possess.

Pair Excellent Designs With Craftsmanship

Pairing excellent designs with our craftsmen, CNC wood milling technicians and production team ensures the design and production process is both informed and efficient, calling on each department to weigh in during the entire process. Through this collaborative approach, we are able to produce wood chair prototypes that meet your specifications and are efficient to produce. Relying on our entire team also allows us to spot potential problems before a design is sent to production, saving much time and money.

Producing The Wooden Chairs

Once we establish the optimal design for your wooden chair project, the project is sent to our production department, who then manufactures each piece individually using our CNC milling process. Whether your project is large or small, simple or complex; this is an efficient process that doesn’t require huge amounts of time. Once the parts are finished, we can then assemble and finish them for you, or ship out the individual pieces for assembly and finishing elsewhere. Some of the basic and essential wooden chair components we manufacture include:
  • Wood chair legs
  • Chair seats
  • Chair backs
  • Spindles
  • Armrests
  • Supports & Stabilizers
Our business is designing and manufacturing some of the best wooden furniture parts available today. We are proudly operating in Vermont USA, using top quality wood and efficient design and manufacturing processes. We’d love to work on your wood chair projects! Call us today to find out how to get started.



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