Home Office, Sweet Home Office

June 13, 2012
Home Office, Sweet Home Office

Forget bringing work home with you, more and more people are staying at home to work, period!

Thanks to modern technology, we are truly entering the age of the home office.

More and more companies are allowing employees to tele or mobile commute to save costs on expensive and usually under utilized office space. And with modern communications so seamless, companies are finding that the work still gets finished to the same standards and on time. In fact, the standard of work may even be better—performed by an employee who isn’t rushed and is able to work to his or her schedule.

It’s a win win situation.

Times are changing so quickly that some companies are actually losing out to others that offer flexible schedules and the option to tele or mobile commute. For a country that has no legal requirement to offer employees paid vacation, the home office represents a sea change.

For those who just work a few hours of the week at home, a laptop or tablet at the kitchen table or on the sofa will suffice. But for the growing number of workers who perform an appreciable portion of their workweek at home, the need for a dedicated home office is obvious—and a rapidly growing trend. According to the International data corporation (IDC), a global provider of market intelligence, there will be an increase of around 180,000 telecommuters each year through 2015.

That’s a lot of home workers, home offices...and home-office furniture.

The key to a good home office is to make it functional, but still complementary to the decor of the rest of the home—and this is where wood comes to the fore. For the major home-office components—desk, table, bookcase, shelves, chair and cupboards, you can’t beat wood for design and functionality.

Using only wood from domestic forests, Newport furniture Parts has been designing, manufacturing and supplying wood furniture and wood furniture components for almost 50 years. Newport Furniture Parts embraces the latest CNC technology and can custom manufacture components to exacting client specifications.

For more information or to discuss your wood office-furniture manufacturing needs, contact Newport Furniture Parts today.



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