Having the right furniture suppliers will help you keep your customers

February 28, 2012
Having the right furniture suppliers will help you keep your customers

There’s nothing worse than letting a customer down by failing to deliver. From a business perspective, the ramifications are huge. Not only do you lose revenue on a lost order, you risk losing the customer altogether.

But one thing that can make losing a customer all the more frustrating is if it happens through no fault of your own.

Each year in the United States some wood furniture manufacturers fail to deliver to their clients on time, causing retailers and contractors to lose valued customers. Usually, failure to deliver was for one or more of the following three reasons:

Machine Downtime: One of the most short-sighted approaches to squeezing profitability from a manufacturing process is to cut machine maintenance, or take short cuts with machine repairs. This approach always ends with major machine downtime, resulting in the inability to fulfill orders on time.

Over Capacity: In some niche industries, where competition is sparse, overselling production may be acceptable (so what if delivery is late—you are the only supplier). Unfortunately, this is not the case in furniture chair parts. Overselling production capacity is a major contributing factor in many cases of unfulfilled orders.

Small Manufacturers: Large orders can cripple small companies that have committed to a contract they cannot possibly fulfill. Add one of the other two issues above to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster.

With the experience gained in almost 50 years of wood furniture component manufacturing, Newport Furniture Parts has encountered and overcome just about every problem that a manufacturing company could encounter.

And Newport Furniture Parts ensures that it delivers its wood stair parts on time by:

  • investing in the best machines and the latest technology to minimize downtime
  • working with clients right the way from the design phase through to delivery
  • being big enough to deal with production issues and fulfill orders on time

To discuss making Newport Furniture Parts your main supplier of wood furniture components, contact them today.


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