Gearing up for the turning tide

August 08, 2012
Gearing up for the turning tide

Its official...the economies of China and the other Pacific Rim nations are beginning to slow to a more sustainable rate of growth. And something else that's official is the continued growth in wood furniture and wood furniture component manufacturing here at home—despite the continued competition from these same Pacific Rim countries. In fact, orders at home are growing as orders abroad are declining.

As we have written many times in this blog, there are a number of factors behind the rebirth of North American manufacturing in the wood component genre of the industry, including:

  • the shrinking competitive gap between North America and the Pacific Rim
  • longer lead times for delivery from overseas
  • rising costs in fuel and transportation
  • North America’s investment in new technology to gain a cutting edge

So with the tide beginning to turn back to home shores once more, what should manufacturing companies be doing to prepare for the increase in business that looks to be just around the corner?

Well, they could do a lot worse than follow Newport Furniture Parts' strategy. Over the past few months, the Vermont based wood furniture component manufacturer has been undergoing something's of a makeover. With the help of Dovetail Partners Inc., Newport Furniture Parts has been rebuilding its internal structure in order to become more efficient and more productive.

For 50 years Newport Furniture Parts has been manufacturing superior quality wood furniture components and finished pieces in a variety of sustainable wood species. With a variety of ancillary services that range from upholstery to storage, and now boasting some of the leanest and competitive manufacturing practices in the industry today, Newport Furniture Parts is well placed to become your preferred U.S. wood furniture supplier.

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