From hand carving to CNC wood milling

February 07, 2011
From hand carving to CNC wood milling

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a cabinetmaker is a skilled woodworker who makes fine furniture.

At one time in history, cabinet makers accomplished all the tasks associated to furniture chair parts and completion. From the design details to the finishing touches, the cabinetmakers did it all, by hand.

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution, a period in history extending from the 18th to the 19th century, is a time where important changes in the way of doing things greatly impacted the socioeconomic and cultural situations of the times. These changes started in the United Kingdom and evolved through Europe, North America and then other areas. From agriculture to manufacturing, and transportation to furniture making, the Industrial Revolution is a critical crossroads in history which changed the way people did things in nearly every aspect of life.

Steam power
The steam engine, which had initially been invented in 1775 by James Watt, was greatly improved and used to power machines during the 1780s. This change allowed for many more semi-automated factories to open as these factories were no longer solely dependent on waterpower as an energy source.

Advance in cabinet making tools
The use of steam power in cabinet making, along with the adoption of mass production techniques improved the efficiency of the cabinet maker.

The advent of steam power during the Industrial Revolution saw a complete overhaul in the art of cabinet making. Now, people were able to build machines that could make repeated precise cuts in wood (e.g.: cut multiple dining chair parts). This ability for repetition meant that quality matching chair parts could be made in less time. Although hand tools and craftsmanship still played an important part, now the machines did the hard work.

Today’s tools
Today’s sophisticated and cutting-edge furniture making tools use computers to not only make precision cuts, but to design and display furniture chair parts and completed furniture.

CAD software
CAD, computer aided design software, is computer software which enables designers to produce virtual 3D models of items to be built. Whether it is dining chair parts or folding chair parts, CAD allows designers to quickly and clearly achieve their designs.

CNC wood router
A CNC (computer numerically controlled) wood router, also known as a wood cnc machine, uses computer software to drive a mechanical system. By inputting your furniture part specifications into a computer, the CNC wood milling machine is then able to create precise and accurate furniture parts in little time and to the exact specifications every time. The CAD software controls the router and determines the cuts to be made.

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