Don't sell the US or us short

October 23, 2012
Don't sell the US or us short

We think it's time to fight back. For too long, now, US manufacturing has been tarred and feathered by the brush of mediocrity. While much of the blame, quite rightly, can be attributed to the auto industry, where the big three were too complacent for far too long, it isn’t reasonable to paint this country’s complete manufacturing sector with the same brush.

The United States can be justifiably proud of its manufacturing industries in many ways. An article recently featured on MSN money, written by Alex Brokaw, showcased:

Zippo lighters
The mechanics of the zippo have changed little during 70 years of production. The lighters come with a lifetime guarantee, and the sturdy and light-anywhere design has made them a firm favorite among those who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. Over 500 million of the iconic brand have been sold.

Luxury kitchen appliances
Mississippi based Viking and Wisconsin based Sub-zero are known for their stunning high-end appliances. The key component in both companies’ success has to be the amount of time, energy and investment that goes into product design.

Guitars and pianos
Gibson has been manufacturing stunning guitars here in the US for over a century. And Steinway, still regarded as the World’s superior piano maker has been building instruments for over 150 years.

Herman Miller is headquartered in Michigan. The name doesn’t ring a bell? How about the company’s signature now-you’re-sitting-properly chair, the Aeron? At close to $1,000 per chair—and with one made every 17 seconds or so—they must be good.

Like Herman Miller and the other companies featured here, Vermont based Newport Furniture Parts stands by its reputation as a leading US manufacturer. With almost 50 years of experience as a wood furniture manufacturer and a wood furniture component manufacturer, Newport Furniture can be relied upon to manufacture and supply all of your wood furniture requirements.

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