Delivering High Quality, On Time

February 19, 2014
Delivering High Quality, On Time


A New Management Philosophy

Early in 2013, Newport Furniture Parts started implementing the principles of lean manufacturing in its way of doing things. Basically, lean manufacturing is a principle that means to be able to produce more with the same (or less) resources and the elimination of waste by rethinking every step of the process, preserving the value while working less.

This initiative required a lot of work from everybody in the company, all of us aiming to become the best American wood component and furniture manufacturer.

Work Smarter Not Harder

After a few tries, a couple of mistakes, we managed to increase our production rates by 25%!
We first tried to focus on which errors or defects happen the more often and redesigned our manufacturing process so human mistakes would be detected and fixed right away so they would not reach the customer. Errors and mistake are human, they happen. Unfortunately, they also come with waste of time and resource. In the end, eliminating mistakes right when they occur and as early as possible in the manufacturing process is highly cost-effective, making us a competitive wood furniture manufacturer!

We also invested much time and efforts in Just-In-Time production strategy. JIT is a clever way to improve a business return on investment rate by keeping a lower inventory, thus reducing the hidden cost of storage space and inventory management. We also strive to make furniture-chair parts according to your specifications instead of keeping “in stock” generic parts.

All-American High quality

Together, these methods allow us to deliver high quality furniture and parts to you, when you need them! Every step of the way, from storing our FSC certified lumber and components in a humidity-controlled environment, to the design & engineering, CNC milling and cutting, and inventory management guarantee you that you’ll have what you need, the way you need it. “When you need it” allows you to concentrate on anything else to make your business profitable! Also being able to communicate with you and respond to your needs quickly, without the delays incurred when a manufacturer is located overseas, will allow us become your preferred provider for furniture and parts, on time! Focusing on customer service, fast delivery, and responding to the growing demand for that niche market for sustainable and green solid wood products using American-grown wood species. We are trying to be ahead of our competitors by also focusing on providing customized furniture and parts to our customers – a new trend that few have the capacities to address.



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