Consumers crave individuality and custom design in wood furniture

November 23, 2011
Consumers crave individuality and custom design in wood furniture

We all want the same, yet we crave individuality.

Keeping up with the Joneses is part and parcel of the American dream. In fact, not just America, but all over the Western World—wherever capitalism and wealth has led to disposable income.

But keeping up with the joneses really means staying one step ahead.

It’s not enough to simply own a home or car, the vehicle or abode has to be better than the next person’s. Clothes, appliances...everything must stand out.

Including your clients’ choice of wood furniture.

And this explains why custom projects are the fastest growing and most rapidly developing area of wood-furniture component manufacturing today. If you want your client to buy from you, it’s vital that you stock products your clients will want. And the same styles that everyone else has is not the way to go. So if you can design or produce custom wood furniture or wood-furniture components that your existing clients or potential new ones will sit up and take notice of, it just makes sense that your business will grow.

To help you develop and grow the custom project side of your business, you must find a quality manufacturer that you can trust—one that has the knowledge and expertise to work in the highly competitive area of custom manufacturing.

Newport Furniture Parts has been manufacturing the highest quality wood furniture and wood-furniture components for almost 50 years. And with experience comes expertise. Using the knowledge that has come from almost five decades as a leading manufacturer, Newport Furniture Parts has developed and invested in its own custom-designed machines—dedicated to your custom furniture and furniture-component requirements.

By choosing Newport Furniture Parts as your manufacturer, you are ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve and can offer your clients the best in customized manufacturing. For more information, or to discuss your next custom project, contact Newport Furniture Parts today.


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