Consumer-Driven Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Trends

September 20, 2013

It’s no hidden fact that markets are driven largely by consumer’s demands and concerns. Trends come and go, usually stemming from a creative and interesting spin on a product or style. While trends and fads tend to be exciting and invigorating, there is value in keeping a set balance point as a manufacturer of wooden furniture components. While trendy items can flash-flood the market, it is rare that they remain viable for any length of time. That means you can end up with copious amounts of stock that you’ll have to unload at a loss, or worse; discard entirely.

This being said, there are some trendy consumer-driven topics that are big business now, and for the foreseeable future. In fact, the future norms will largely be founded on these very trends. Interested? Read on to find out more.

Green Wooden Furniture Parts

Green is no new thing. We’ve all heard the term, and the majority of people nowadays have worked this concept into their daily lives as the norm. But how does the green trend fit in with furniture part manufacturing? It fits quite well in fact!
Sustainable forestry practices allow for furniture part manufacturers to produce runs of furniture parts that have a much lower impact on our planet’s resources, as well as contribute to the longevity of our forests, which impacts the water and air cycles of the entire planet!
Often, furniture part manufacturers can use lumber that is otherwise unusable. Although high quality furniture parts require high quality wood, they can often be CNC milled using shorter lengths of lumber. Another way to take advantage of the green trend is to use natural materials like the wood used for wooden chair parts.

Multi-use Furniture Designmulti-purpose furniture

Designing furniture pieces to be multi-functional is a huge trend that will only grow as time passes. People have an increasing need for storage, increasingly small spaces to call home and the need for creative solutions to match the ever-creative living quarters being built. A huge trend in this area is to combine the glamorous with the not-so-glamorous. Think about bookcases that double as a wine cellar, or a night table and pet bed in one. 

The sky’s the limit here, and the foundation for designing multi-use pieces is tailoring them to fulfill unique and individual needs. Small spaces, special needs and technology + furniture designs are all areas that furniture manufacturers can cash in on by designing unique and quality products.
Are you interested in designing some unique and specialized furniture pieces? We can help! We’ve been in the wooden furniture part manufacturing business since 1963 and have seen many trends come and go. One thing that stays is our deeply-rooted values for quality and service. We can custom design and manufacture furniture components for your business that will allow you to produce outstanding and unique products. Call us, we’re ready to start your run!



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