Choosing the right dining-room furniture for your home

July 13, 2011

Whether it’s just having the family over on a Saturday night or a more formal affair for, say, colleagues from work, it’s nice to entertain people for dinner. And for a more formal affair, nothing sets the tone for the evening better than a beautiful dining table and chairs.

Are you considering replacing your old dining-room table and chairs and don’t know where to start?

Begin by choosing the shape of table you like. There is no wrong or right shape, though it does help if the table matches the shape of your dining room to some extent. For example, a square or rectangular table will suit a square or rectangular room. If your dining room is an odd size or shape, then a round table may be a better choice. Either way, the key point to remember when selecting the size, is that guests must be able to walk comfortably around the table. Circular tables are less intimate, but easily fit late arrivals for dinner as they normally have a central pedestal. This means it’s a lot easier to fit extra guests around the table. Square or rectangular tables, meanwhile, are more intimate, but the four supporting legs make it harder to fit late arrivals around the table. And speaking of room—as circular tables have only the one central pedestal, they often have drop sides that can be folded down to save space when the table isn’t in use.

Now it’s time to choose your dining chairs,  and again it really is a case of personal choice—Queen Anne, Chippendale, modern...there are so many styles. Do you prefer a dining table with arms (captain’s chair)? For rectangular tables that seat six, a popular choice is to have captain’s chairs at either end (the head of the table) and regular chairs along the sides.

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