Build communities and we rebuild American Manufacturing

November 27, 2012
Build communities and we rebuild American Manufacturing

In our last article, and in other articles before, we have discussed the value of buying at home for business and commercial reasons. Better quality products, faster turnaround times, ease of communication—the list of benefits goes on. But there’s another powerful reason why buying at home is good—the rebuilding of a nation by way of empowering its people and the communities in which they live.

Across this great country are dotted communities that rely on local manufacturing companies for employment. Newport Furniture Parts has been part of the Newport, Vermont, landscape for generations. As such, Newport Furniture stands as one of the traditional furniture manufacturers that have built Vermont’s reputation for craftsmanship. And Newport Furniture helps its community by being an employer that is proud to go the extra mile.

At a recent recognition breakfast, Creative Workforce Solutions (CWS) named Newport Furniture Parts as its employer of the year. CWS Creative Workforce Solutions provides all the services of a typical staffing agency with a focus on placing qualified workers who face challenges entering or re-entering the workforce.

Newport Furniture Parts is proud to support initiatives such as CWS. And Newport Furniture Parts understands that by strengthening the local community, this country becomes strong, too. Strong and wealthy—not just financially wealthy—but rich in character and caring, too. These are the values that America holds dear, these are the values that local communities hold dear.

These are the values Newport Furniture Parts holds dear.

Newport Furniture Parts is a leading manufacturer of superior quality wood furniture components and finished furniture pieces. For further information or to discuss your company’s wood furniture component requirements,contact Newport Furniture Parts today.
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