Better Furniture Components—Kiln Dried Wooden Furniture Parts

July 12, 2013
Better Furniture Components—Kiln Dried Wooden Furniture Parts


Why are the best wooden chair parts are made with kiln dried wood?
Because kiln dried wood goes through an important process, it really does make the best quality wood furniture. The biggest benefit of making furniture from kiln dried wood is that there is less moisture in the wood, which provides for stronger, better looking furniture. Kiln dried wood is less likely to have problems such as warping or small cracks that can happen from the drying process; when the furniture parts are made from kiln dried wood.
Kiln Drying in a Nutshell
A kiln consists of a very large oven that has the benefits of controlled air circulation, temperature and humidity. Kiln drying goes through the process of heating the wood by using indirect and direct heat. Indirect heat uses solar energy and heated steam heat-exchangers and direct heat uses electricity or natural gas. Kiln drying is a very effective process for drying the wood to use for making furniture.
Kiln drying keeps the temperature, humidity, and air circulation controlled inside and around the wood providing for a more quality product. This drying process removes about 93% of the moisture from the wood making the wood a better for creating furniture. Many USA wood furniture manufacturers use kiln dried wood.
The many benefits of using kiln dried wood:
  • Kiln drying provides shorter drying time
  • Wood moisture content is controlled better with kiln drying
  • Kiln drying minimizes defects in the wood
  • It offers dryer wood and protection against fungal degradation
  • Kiln drying gives a temperature above 160F that hardens softwoods reducing resin seeping in wood
  • High temperatures help reduce fungi, mold, insects, and larvae in the wood when kiln drying
  • Kiln drying makes wood furniture lighter with reducing humidity
  • Wood that is kiln dried can be finished in a shorter amount of time

Staying ahead of Mother Nature
Kiln drying allows for overcoming the limits from the various weather conditions. Trees have exposure to these weather conditions as they grow over time. The humidity is always different depending on the weather conditions. Vermont grown trees in the USA go through hot and humid weather conditions in the summer and then snow and extreme cold weather conditions in the winter. Kiln dried wood from USA furniture manufacturers is much less likely to shrink, crack or warp if they are kiln dried after harvesting.
Newport Furniture Parts is one of the USA’s wood furniture manufacturers that use kiln dried wood. When we receive kiln dried lumber, and after we manufacture your furniture parts, the wood and finished pieces are put in a protective storage area where the humidity is controlled to make sure that the furniture parts the customers receive are of the highest quality. Call us today and discover the many benefits of working here at home in the USA!



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