Are you getting the most from your wood furniture component manufacturer

January 31, 2012
Are you getting the most from your wood furniture component manufacturer

Remember when cars didn’t have CD players? Remember when only the top models had a radio—and if you wanted to hear music in the other models...well, you had to bring your own instruments along? The family car or SUV is probably one of the best illustrations of how much consumer expectations of dealers has risen in recent years.

Buying a car today—especially from one of America’s “big three”—is going to get you plenty of bang for your buck. Modern cars come resplendent with a host of extras and fancy gadgets as standard; the warranties of today are out of this World—five year, 150,000 kilometre—wow! And when your vehicle is in for service or, God forbid repair, you can count on a loaner vehicle or at the very least a free shuttle to and from home to minimize inconvenience.

Think this kind of expectation is reserved for dealer/retailer—consumer business? Think again. It’s the same in manufacturing, too. Wood component manufacturers are learning that they need to offer their clients more than simply furniture chair parts to ensure repeat business:

  • CNC wood milling
  • upholstery
  • assembly
  • laser engraving
  • finishing
  • fulfillment services and distribution

Does your wood-furniture component manufacturer offer the above services? Newport Furniture Parts do.

Newport Furniture Parts has been manufacturing and designing wood components for companies in the furniture industry for almost 50 years. Newport Furniture Parts also offer a host of ancillary services. As a furniture parts supplier at the leading edge of today’s technology, Newport Furniture Parts is a one-stop design and production facility. Eliminate multiple vendors and production cost loss by keeping every aspect under one roof. Contact Newport Furniture Parts today.

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