Are our forests in the U.S. in danger of being over harvested?

October 29, 2014
Are our forests in the U.S. in danger of being over harvested?


Many of us have become concerned about the environment in which we live. All too often we see news reports that depict the polar ice caps melting or more animals becoming endangered due to climate change. Our over use of fossil fuels and the massive amounts of deforestation has caused a serious environmental problem all over the globe. But what about our forests here in the United States? Are they also endangered as well?
The answer to this question is a firm no. The United States government has spent tons of money and resources training land owners and timber companies on the importance of selective harvesting. Gone are the days of clear cutting large tract of land in the United States. Now timber farmers all over the country cut their tract over the course of several years.
After timber is harvested most timber producers replant their land in order for a new generation of trees to grow. Combined with fire management and other learned technics, timber farmers help produce a renewable source of timber that will last forever.

So just how abundant are our timber forests here in America?

There are more trees now in the United States than there was over 70 years ago! Most people don’t realize that we have over 504 million acres of timber land in the country. That’s a lot of trees! Much of this timber land is owned and controlled by the federal government. In fact, 191 million acres help make up our protected national forest system that we all can enjoy. Of these 191 million acres only 49 million acres are allowed to be harvested. This allows the rest to grow until full maturity never seeing a saw.

Wood furniture is very sustainable

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