Above and Beyond Quality—Manufacturing Complex Wood Furniture Parts

September 18, 2014
Above and Beyond Quality—Manufacturing Complex Wood Furniture Parts


Finding Quality in a Knock-off Market

The market today is flooded with cheap knock-off furniture, mass-produced overseas from man-made materials. Not only are these furniture pieces cheap to purchase; the durability and quality can be equally cheap. Many customers who are looking to purchase furniture, and especially wood furniture, are also looking for higher quality pieces and furniture with more character. These types of furniture can be more challenging to manufacture, for several reasons, including the fact that without the right expertise to handle a complex project it can take too long and cost too much to manufacture these pieces profitably.


The Solution to Complex Wood Projects

That’s where contract furniture suppliers, like Newport Furniture Parts, can really make a difference. Complex furniture manufacturing requires expertise and craftsmanship, often lacking in large-run manufacturing facilities. So, when you want to produce higher quality and more complex furniture pieces, such as furniture chair parts, looking a little closer to home can have big benefits. Not only does a USA based company, like Newport Furniture, have the ability to deliver your project, you gain the ability to easily consult and meet over your project’s details, working out the best solution for your project.


Manufacturing Complex Wood Furniture Components

Nothing is too complicated for us to manufacture! Our business is manufacturing wood furniture components. As a proud American owned and operated wood component manufacturer, we’ve been around for decades and have the practical experience and know-how to deliver your wood furniture project successfully. Not only that, we have a passion for what we do. Consulting with our clients to determine the scope and details of a wood furniture manufacturing project is just the start. We can then move on to suggesting alternate methods or materials to produce even the most complex project more efficiently. That saves our customers time and money, and makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Our Passion is Your Project

We enjoy and have the know-how to handle complex projects. With decades of projects and hands-on experience, our team loves woodworking and finding creative solutions to very real challenges. We work smart and make the most of our team’s expertise on each and every project that comes through our doors. With an objective eye, our team can quickly find the best way to manufacture your wood furniture component products, and often find ways to do so with increased durability, strength and aesthetics in the finished pieces.

Custom Design and CNC Wood Milling

Part of the services we offer all of our clients; and especially true on complex and challenging projects is our in-house, custom design and CNC wood milling capabilities. Our CNC wood milling process allows us to undertake even the most complex of wood furniture projects while reducing production times and raw material quantities/wastages. Using this process paired together with our CAD software and exceptionally creative design team produces stellar results on each of the wood component manufacturing projects we undertake. We’d love to work on your next wood furniture project, so give us a call today to find out how Newport Furniture Parts can make your project a success.



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