A Case-by-case Basis—Rebuilding the Casegoods Industry

August 26, 2013
A Case-by-case Basis—Rebuilding the Casegoods Industry

There are three classifications of furniture in the furniture manufacturing industry: upholstery, occasional and casegoods. Casegoods are those furniture items that are made from hard materials such as wood. Some common examples of casegoods would be bookshelves, wooden chairs and tables or dressers.

The Modern Furniture Manufacturing Market

The modern furniture manufacturer’s methods will either allow them to be highly competitive in our global furniture manufacturing market, or to be overlooked and uncompetitive. There are a few critical areas of the furniture manufacturing process that can be pin-pointed and refined in order to be a successful USA wooden furniture manufacturer.

Speedy Engineering

One of the primary goals of a successful USA furniture manufacturer must be eliminating the bottleneck that occurs in traditional manufacturing plants. These bottlenecks are deadly to your profitability and viability as a competitor both globally and here at home in the USA. They increase cost and times which decrease your standing with clients and the accountant.

Some ways you can make this process run smoother:

  • Consider using pre-made designs in a variety of styles
  • Feature multiple products made from the same base components
  • Give your customers options on basic models
  • Have a system that allows clients to quickly “build” their pieces
  • Take advantage of the power of computer assisted design (CAD) software


Go With the Flow

Today it is important to be able to run wooden furniture components through our plant as quickly as possible, as well as being able to do so with multiple dimensions of the required lumber and finished pieces. The old system was based on a single thickness and type of wood, producing large quantities of a single wooden furniture part. It is important today that the manufacturing plant can handle more than one species of lumber at varying thicknesses. This allows for a very flexible plant that can produce multiple pieces at a time.

Keep your Production Lines Short

It used to be standard that furniture manufacturer’s facilities were made up of long conveyor lines for assembly and finishing. Today, short lines allow for a highly organized, highly specific work flow. This basically means being set up more for small runs of lots of different types of furniture parts. Having short lines that are highly focused minimizes wasting time moving goods around or handling parts more often than necessary. You are also able to monitor the quality of your furniture parts when using short lines because the work is not scattered across a huge facility.

Some benefits of shorter production lines:

  • More productive labor
  • Less pieces being scrapped
  • More customizable
  • Quality control more efficient and effective
  • Lower operating costs
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