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If you are inquiring regarding a glider purchase and/or repair, the following helpful information is for you.

Built by Newport was the manufacturing location of the Newport Glider, also known as the Miracle Rocker. Our glider business was purchased by a company in Ohio many years ago as we shifted away from having our own product line to serving as the manufacturing arm for several other businesses. Unfortunately, we no longer sell or support the repair for the former glider business.

  • If you need new bearings for your chair and would like to repair it yourself, they can be found at Amazon. Simply go to this link for the correct bearings:

    *Bearing replacement instructions
  • If you are looking for new cushions, we recommend that you look for a local upholstery shop that can take your current cushions and duplicate them. Many people have done this with great success. If you need new foam and the upholstery shop does not have any, you can easily source the foam on Amazon and the upholstery shop can cut the shape out using your existing cushions as a template.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding your glider, our glider business was purchased by Miller Cabinet Shop in Dundee, Ohio. In fact, they still manufacture many of our models and if the above suggestions do not serve your needs, you can contact them for any further questions or concerns you may have. They can be contacted at 330‐359‐0151.

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